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Problem Talks 354 Tour

 September 16, 2014

Yo I'm back guys! Been busy relocating and scheduling different phoners. I finally found Problem in the Bay Area and we talked about touring, new music, where his nickname "Chachi" came from and how he collaborates with mainstream musicians. Check it out on Episode 15 of #PhreshNPhamous.

How Can You Not Respect NiKole Milan?

 August 26, 2014

Yo I'm not going to lie, this was by far one of my favorite interviews. Through every model, female MC, dancer, or reality tv star that I've interviewed, I never thought I'd ask questions like I did with the multi-talented entertainer NiKole Milan. This Chicago native puts down all the ground work and still has time for school and work. How? I was just as curious as you are, so I decided to ask her all sorts of questions from how she multi-tasks, to behind the scenes of being a vixen, and even asked if photographers were as dirty as they look. It was very fun and yes I did flirt a bit but business was definitely taken care of. 

Why Does Landon Romano Do It For The Vine?

 August 20, 2014

The thing about Vine is it's so complex for those who don't think outside of the box. They've made it a lot easier for many to record 6-second videos as a selfie or added features. Landon Romano is a kid who caught on to vine, not realizing how big of a star he could become. Now he's doing vine videos with over 500,000+ followers, and even getting offers for film. The big question we all have is...how? Listen to the show about vine here

Happy 23rd Birthday Jay-O!

 August 19, 2014

So today is my birthday and I'm definitely going to turn up! 23 years...damn. To think of all you have helped me build, I absolutely know I have to aim even higher. I'm sort of imagining me; being Michael Jordan because I'm 23, and I could actually achieve my goals just like him, and I have to undoubtedly go harder for a whole year. So I'm going to throw on my throw back MJ North Carolina jersey, put on my fedora hat, and party like a rockstar because I deserve it. Thank you all!



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